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Knowledge Focus

Our pedagogy is focused to improve learner's Cognitive and/or mental abilities used to retain and process information. Knowledge of the facts and concepts form the foundation for the ability to apply the skills to perform a task or to modify an attitude.

Skill Focus

Skills relate to the ability to physically perform an activity or task. It includes physical movement, coordination, dexterity, and the application of knowledge. Competency and proficiency in the execution of skills requires training and practice.

Attitude Focus

Attitudes (also called dispositions) are what you tend to do,  just because you can do something doesn't mean you actually do it--an attitude specifies what you actually tend to do.


Team Building
1 Day Workshop
Maximum 50 Participant

Business Communication Skills
3 Day Workshop
Maximum 30 Participants

Self & Team Motivation
1 Day Workshop
Maximum 30 Participants

American Accent
3 Day Workshop
Maximum 30 Participants

Corporate Etiquette
1 Day Workshop
Maximum 25 Participants

English Linguistics Skills
2 Day Workshop
Maximum 30 Participants

ma mohsin

Hello There

My name is M A Mohsin

My sole focus in life is to Train & Coach  people. This is what I am truly passionate about and continue to do so. And, this passion has led me to take the entrepreneurial approach to what I do best: Train & Coach.
At Trueskills, I have worked hard to make things as simple as possible. There are just three things that helps my team and me to drive and deliver World Class Training & Coaching.

~Being Thorough to be Through~
~Work with the Big Picture in mind~
~Be Relevant to the Learner~

"Ensure learning delivery that is excellence driven and value adding." I live this mission to the fullest; it's Journey that's just begun.


      5th November 2018

Preparation Course IELTS

Learn from the Expert
Score desired Bands in IELTS General & Academic



Nikhil Jhadav

Mohsin sir you are a great communicator and blessed with awesome accent. I want to thank you for aiding me to advance my communication skills. Truthfully, Trueskills is the best training platform for an individual to improve skills, gain knowledge and develop positive attitude. Here, Trainers not only boost the confidence of students but also give them the direction to excel in their profession. I am grateful to my trainers because they gave me new skills and new perspective of life. I have learnt how to deal with people in a positive way. Trueskills made me skilled and taught me optimism.

Humera Fatima

I have gained a lot of knowledge regarding the IELTS. The explanation was wonderful and well experienced faculty for explanation. We had a lot discussion with the faculty without any hesitation. It is one of the best institutes in Hyderabad.

Anurag Malik

To rejuvenate my English for IELTS I went to TrueSkills and it is cardinal on my part to mention that I prepared under the guidance of Moshin sir. He is arguably the best tutor I had. The quick grasping, language command , accent and "thinking in English" are some of the perks I enjoyed over a course of one and a half months.


Trueskills is the best coaching center in hyderabad for communication skills training. I have taken a one month course and honestly speaking I have improved a lot. I would like to thank my trainer Ms. Fatima for helping me enhancing my skills. I like the way they teach and the material is so detailed and elaborated. Trueskills is the best place for girls to learn as we have separate batches for girls and lady trainers.